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As a child, I was always fascinated with music. This fascination took me down a path of yearning to learn less common instruments which led me to my passion — the Great Highland Bagpipes. 

For most of his life, William Thayer has been playing the bagpipes. He has won several medals and trophies for his accomplishments in Solo Bagpiping Competitions throughout the Western United States. Since 2011, Will has been an active member of the Renaissance musical performance act, Tartanic. As the Pipe Sergeant of the Phoenix Pipe Band, he has led, instructed, and helped develop pipers by training their ear to tone, expression, and quality. He has performed for countless venues, some of which include Phoenix Fashion week, PGA events, various golf courses from Scottsdale, AZ to Rocky Point, Mexico, and countless weddings, funerals, birthdays, and yes — St. Patrick's Day Parties. Long story short, you can't go wrong with choosing Will for your event Request a quote today!

As a top performing bagpiper, in the Western United States,  superior sound is what you can expect to hear from his performances. He  has  performed for  several venues, including the renowned music group The Chieftains in 2018, as well as several performances with Symphony Orchestras (EVMCO) at the Mesa Arts Center. As a result of his experience, he has had countless satisfied customers with his private venues, has entertained thousands, and knows what it takes to give your event that special touch. 

My passion for the bagpipes first began with a soundscape CD that my parents purchased for me in 6th grade. I was participating in a school Renaissance fair, and I wanted some cool music to go along with my not-so-cool theme. I was an alchemist. The CD had bagpipes on it, and I would listen to it over and over. I wanted more. I bought another CD... and another. 

It wasn't until 2004 in high school when I saw my first live bagpipe performance. I went with some friends to the Arizona Renaissance Festival and saw a new Resaissance Rock and Roll group called Tartanic. I was was also going on a trip to Scotland later that summer, so I put two and two together, and decided that I wanted to play the bagpipes. 

I've been playing my McCallum bagpipes since 2004, and have performed at countless venues, including Phoenix Fashion Week, the Arizona Renaissance Festival as a member of Tartanic for the past 7 years, PGA events, golf courses between Scottsdale and Rocky Point, and various weddings, birthdays, funerals, and yes- St. Patrick's Day parties.

I started teaching lessons in 2012, and have had several students become competent in the instrument. Teaching others how to play the bagpipes gives me a great sense of joy — especially when it's someone that became inspired by seeing me perform with Tartanic at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. 

My love for the music will never cease, as will my love for my supporting family who I am slowly but surely converting to the ways of the bagpipe.


If this Biography serves for anything, I hope it's to inspire you that you can do anything you set your mind to, with enough time, determination, and patience. 

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