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Here are some of the more common venues that one would see bagpipes at. Will has over a decade of experience performing at venues of many genres. Since 2011, he has also performed at the Arizona Renaissance festival with a band called Tartanic for upwards of 20,000 people. Playing in front of enormous crowds comes second nature to Will. 

Bagpiper Wedding
Bagpiper Funeral
Hire a bagpiper

Many occasions could call for bagpipes. Some of these occasion include Anniversaries, Birthdays, Golfing Events, Parties, Parades, and even St. Patrick's Day events. Read more.

No other instrument can speak to the soul as well as a bagpipe. Bagpipes at a memorial service offers a powerful and moving way to help honor loved ones as we remember them. Read More

Add bagpipes to your wedding, and your guests will be amazed. With an occasion as special as a wedding, finding the best quality is key. Read more

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