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When it comes to adding a special touch to your special occasion, nothing can compare to Will's quality of playing, and vast repertoire. Will knows several tunes that will give your event the special touch that it needs — whether it be upbeat, fast paced music, traditional Scottish background music, somber music with elements of pathos, or anything in between.  Your guests will be talking about your event for days. Most special occasions are birthdays and wedding anniversaries, however, I have been requested at several corporate events which include College graduations, golf courses, PGA events, Fashion shows, and yes, St. Patrick's Day Parties. I am willing to work with you to plan out how you would like your event to be enhanced with the bagpipes. When it comes to sound quality, it is very important to understand what a well tuned bagpipe sounds like. nothing hurt the ears more than a loud, squaky bagpipe. Please listen to my music samples to know how I sound. As a Professional bagpiper, I take pride in producing some of the best quality sound in the State.

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