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Honoring our loved ones with Bagpipes is a time honored tradition. Nothing speaks to the soul like a well tuned bagpipe. 

From my experience, this is usually how bagpipes are incorporated with Memorial Services:

Normally, with Memorial services, I arrive early and play either outside the funeral home, near the grave site or place where the services will be held as people arrive.  If there is a casket, I usually play "Amazing Grace" as the casket is being lowered. Sometimes, the casket isn't lowered until after the ceremony, so I would instead play during a predetermined queue. Once the services have been concluded, I stay and play as people disburse. If the services are military related, bagpipes are usually saved for the very end, after the military honor guard has finished their part of the service.  This is what typically happens, but I have had other requests before, and have gladly worked with my clients to ensure that they have a seamless experience with me. I have even learned new tunes over night to accommodate special requests.  With something as special as a memorial service, it is important to ensure quality of sound. Please have a listen to my sound files to know what a professional bagpiper sounds like. On that page, you can also get a feel for what kind of tunes you would like me to play on the day.

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